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Vito M. Valela

John Gagliano


John Gagliano is President and founder of GALA Developments and brings with him decades of construction experience from the TGA Group, our parent company. Having over 30 years of experience in the industrial real estate sector, his expertise powers our diverse real estate portfolio and presents creative solutions to complex problems. John continues to strengthen the business with loyalty and strong relationships, creating and expanding opportunities into new markets. With a calm and steady hand, John guides the company's big-picture operations, keeping the team focused on our long-term goals.

Vito M. Valela

Vito M. Valela

Vice President Real Estate Development

Vito M. Valela is Vice President Real Estate Development at GALA Developments and is the visionary behind the projects we are working on behind the scenes. Continuing his entrepreneurial spirit, for over 40 years, Vito has been a noteworthy leader in the GTA commercial and residential real estate development space. He takes pride in leading and mentoring a team of diverse individuals and is recognized by leading industry professionals for his extraordinary commitment to building the best the industry has to offer.

Vito M. Valela

Paul Rodrigues

Vice President Construction

Paul Rodrigues is Vice President Construction and oversees all construction related activities for GALA Developments and TGA Group. Paul has worked in all facets of construction both domestic and 10 years abroad. Paul brings over 35 years of extensive experience to the company, at multiple stages of the project life cycle from the development, pre-construction and planning stages and is instrumental in executing the transformation of the development visions into reality. Prior to his current role as Vice President of Construction, Paul oversaw the completion of numerous high-level projects across the GTA and internationally. His diverse portfolio of complex development, ranging from ground-up construction to unique historical renovations, make Paul integral to GALA Developments and TGA Group’s construction operations from inception to successful completion.

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